cheries in the bowl

Sunday, August 13, 2006

sialkot wisdom

all factories in sialkot are strictly anti-child labour.
there are no children, no tiny hands-
every gate has a huge sign clearly stating-
no child labour

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

pick the right cherry!

Very happening days. We get in to work. Touch base. And get cracking. Some days we have no idea where the time went. The hours fly by and we don’t even think to stop to eat.
Its heady, this feeling of being so engrossed in what you are doing.
Different clients have different work styles.
The one constant in all our present clients is that they are people we not only really get a kick out of working with… but they are people we really respect.
How cool is that!?
To get to deal with people you genuinely like! So no cringing before any meetings; no putting phone on silent in case that particular nutcase will call again to confirm something that has been finalized 6 times already (you know who you are=D); no going home all crabby and snapping at anyone who dares to cross your path within the first 15 minutes of your arrival.
Everyone deserves to have a job that they love.
You should be able to wake in the morning and be happy, excited, curious about all that might come your way for most of your waking hours.
If that’s not the case, its time to examine choices.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the future looks good!

I’m on a high!
In the past month, we have acquired two new clients and said no to two others =D
You just know if its going to work….and when its not.
So why waste time, effort, expertise, passion, and lots of valuable waking hours on a partner who doesn’t appreciate it?
This applies to all relationships … personal AND professional.
As we have learnt the hard way :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

bruised cherries

so here's what we are up to- finding a new bowl to move into.
and here's what we have been going through-

we contacted some property dealers. Fizz christened them Noproblemmadam and Verygoodmadam. It was how they spoke, rubbing their hands and smiling-

we want a first-or second floor place- but independent.

No landlord trouble- Separate entrance.

Must have a terrace or at least a balcony.

Ideally with some trees around the house.

In the fist few days they showed us some two dozen houses-and not one came close to pulling us in. They began to seem increasingly like freelance tricksters winging their way as estate agents. we would end up at houses comprehensively locked, and they would fall to quarelling with each other in snappy punjabi.

I told you to speak to him and organize the key
if i did everything what would you do? be the tour guid of the taj mahal?

Then they would both turn to Fizz and rub their hands and smile...
Noproblemmadam, we will show you much better house.

The next one would be a servant's quarter; the next a huge flat four times our budget, and the next would have neither a terrace nor a balcony; and the next would have a shrieking harridan for a landlady. Each time they would round on each other in high-pitched punjabi.

We would wait till they argued-when they were done they would again turn to Fizz, beaming, rubbing their hands.
Noproblemmadam. Verygoodmadam. We will show you much better place.
excerpt from the alchemy of desire

replace the house with an office- and the 2 punjabis with memons/sindhis/pathan, the terrace with 2 bathrooms, and its our story-

Thursday, June 01, 2006

conversations of the retarded kind-

client- hii- you guys did a logo for us, a year ago, and we need the files on a cd-

me- we sent them across on a cd 3 months ago-

client- yes well i have just joined, and there is no record of a cd from you-

me- well we sent one last year and we sent one this year

client- actually the thing is we decided we didnt like the font used in the logo, so we thought we would change it to century gothic-

me- really now?

client- yes i am looking at the logo now, and this is not very corporate looking- was this ever approved?

me- uhhh yesss, your board reviewed it and approved it and got cards printed

client- i dont think so, but anyway lets forget that, you need to change the font for us

me- i dont need to do anything, there is a thought process behind the logo and a font is used for a reason.

client- well we are your client and you have to listen to your client's requirements

me- your requirements were a logo and we understood that

client- well we paid you for it and you have to change the font-

me- yes you paid us for it, and we delivered what you paid for- if you need more work done, pls send us a request, we will send across an estimate for what it will cost you

client- can we make this conversation a little more cordial you are not being very understanding-

me- like i said, if you agree to the costs, we will be happy to do this for you

client- forget it (slams phone)

to any prospective clients listening- esp ones who like to threaten, hiding behind their MDs, CEOs, CEs etc- we are CEOs in our own company, we may not be men, we may not be balding, we may not have 3 yes men attached to us, but we are still owners/CEOs of our company and that means we dont get scared by your MDs, or CEOs or you- Talk to us as equals or not at all. Accept that we know what we are saying or dont work with us-

and seriously- "MD sahab needs to see you urgently, NOW, pls come over now" doesnt really scare us or send us scuttling like rabits-

you might need to change your tactics

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love you

it all started a month ago when costa asked us to design a few posters for the month of love- with my sketchiness at its peak, i drew & illustrated to my heart's content. With no corporate client to the non-seriousness of the artwork, it was pure pleasure all the way- this is one of them- enjoy!

happy valentine's day mon cheries

Saturday, February 11, 2006

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